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Right Message, Right place, Right Time!

Three great ads are firing away educating audiences that voting and participating in ad campaigns is finally a real money spinner and an important part of future advertising ecosystems. AdFreeway has finally demonstrated that users can directly benefit from advertising campaigns by expressing their instincts which are valuable. AdFreeway continuously assesses the value of votes by targeting A|B|C versions of an ad creative at audiences.  Wherever you may be, look out for ads that invite your vote and start earning from advertising! |A| |B| |C|

Paid to Vote - For Real?

We have launched our user reward platform in the USA and Australia! AdFreeway is now paying users for every vote and will also pay for every click on an ad impression delivered to other users who follow a vote. This way permitted user data, obtained by AdFreeway network impressions is being honored, user's voting instincts are valued and handsome rewards are funded by advertising performance.  The prices paid for signup bonus, votes and clicks by other users will be published at and will vary as often as daily depending on a supply and demand formula, which we also intend to  publish. An example from the Hyundai Forklift campaign can be seen below. Invitations to vote appear on bottom ad overlay, which disappear after voting on each of up to 3 different creative units that may be encountered by a user while navigating web sites or applications.  The reward is a simple pop-up offered immediately upon voting. The reward carousel allows users to select from various choic

AdFreeway Adgraph

Is there a better way? I asked myself that question many times about advertising on the Internet. From 2000, during my time with Kazaa to 2010, with Skype now 2020 and we may just be ready! We tried several iterations, many different models, crossed technologies and standards, but it always came back to the right of the end user! Since Google first crawled the web, compliant web servers have entertained bots, users resigned themselves to rights exploitation all the while advertising standards shielded brands. Legacy media management systems of the first 15 years entrenched retrospective ad serving. To this day, the faithful cookie ensures a steady stream of similar product impressions - after you have completed your purchase! Cookie lifespan is ever shorter, squeezed by the big players to benefit their walled gardens and mobile media is strictly contained in applications, which make internet media increasingly attractive to big brands. That’s good, but how do things shape up for users