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Social Media That Pays

AdFreeway will soon be inviting selected users to test the roll out of its social content network - with a twist. Initially, no messaging, no profiles, just content uploads. Reward tokens will be earned for the upload, for votes on uploaded content and a token commission will be paid to the uploader for votes their content receives.  Development Screenshot This will significantly increase opportunities to earn new tokens in addition to AdFreeway managed advertising campaigns - no more waiting for new ads. AdFreeway social is entirely driven by human interaction, not some artificial intelligence second guessing your next move. As some of you already know, its not that easy to get an approved account because AdFreeway must first be able to serve an ad to you when you visit and use other web sites or applications. Once advertising to you has been successful, your account application will automatically be approved. Then, you're in the system and can begin redeeming tokens for rewards t