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What is your real opinion?

We don't think its possible that vote after vote a person can 'like' every upload they see. Sometimes scrolling through and voting on hundreds or thousands of uploads a user will vote like or dislike without changing opinion. If you constantly feedback thoughtless, monotonous voting patterns, our algorithms suspect you are not a human and your earnings may be penalized. A similar problem occurs when our algorithms process applications for a new account. Sometime we see patterns that do not support that a human is behind the voting. This occurs when either likes or dislikes are unusually dominant that you appear as a bot. Often accounts will be placed into a holding pattern until they demonstrate clearly that there is a human applicant present. We urge you to be more thoughtful about your voting and assist the entire community to judge and determine the content uploads that the next AdFreeway users will see. Your participation is important to us us, to advertisers and your f