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Help yourself be seen on Ad Networks

How to allow cross site/app tracking AdFreeway must be able to serve ads to our registered users and advertiser audiences. If we can’t do that then we can’t improve campaign performances which finance the rewards that benefit our members. Some of your phones and browsers might have settings configured to prevent the receipt of these ads which is impacting your visibility on Ad Networks and therefore, impacting your ability to earn and redeem. To become more visible on the Ad Network follow the steps below: Enable Cross-Site Tracking on your phone      iPhone Users Go to Settings on your iOS device Find Safari in your Settings menu Scroll down to Privacy & Security section, and ensure the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking slider is off     Android phone Users: Open Chrome application on your Android phone Tap on More right by the address bar, and go to Setting Go to the Privacy and Security tab Tap the Do Not Track option, and ensure the setting is off Enable Cross-Site Tracking on your c

Data-Assists for Advertisers are Fair-Trade for Users

Application of real-time data to buy some component of programmatic media is useful compared to most platforms that execute 100% of media buys in retrospect. The cookie is widely used after the 'horse has bolted', in retrospect, which explains why many ads keep appearing well after a purchase or interaction. AdFreeway introduced data-assists which are an instance of user provided, prospective data obtained during a programmatic advertising campaign that is associated with an advertisers desired outcome for their ad impression. These data-assists are reported as an event of the impression which is reported to advertisers and the user, with payment. It works because votes discover cohort identifiers that cluster with the voter. The discovered identifiers are rarely in the advertisers audience and the voted ad unit is rapidly delivered on the first available brand-safe impression. This just-in-time approach discovers new customers, ensures freshness and a responsiveness that gives