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Audiences and Advertisers Better Together

Advertising agencies often ask audiences whether or not they like a campaign creative - So, what's the big deal about voting?  TikTok is entirely based on opinion, YouTube occasionally requests a vote and Facebook, Instagram or Twitter convert single sentiments into multidimensional data-points.  When AdFreeway started paying rewards to people, for opinions on its ads many wondered whether that data could be amplified to improve the performance of ad campaigns and justify the cost of rewards paid to participating audiences. After running pilots for a few years AdFreeway extended its media buy trough The Trade Desk to prove the feasibility of this win-win model. In its most recent correlation, from multiple ad campaigns on three continents, its become clear that data can be applied in campaign-time to re-allocate ad spends to preferential ad creatives retargeted at the campaign audience.    The fact is the more people like vs. dislike an ad the better it will perform. However, to ob

Ad Block - Reward Share Killer!

The AdFreeway community is growing fast and we want more advertisers because more ad campaigns equal more rewards! You can help - here's how... We reward users for data based on real engagement with our display ads. Many of our registered users, who do not use incognito/private modes, ad blockers or prevent ad-tracking are now beginning to earn click-reward shares  in addition to referral and vote rewards. This special class of reward is quickly becoming the most frequent reward issued and it drives real value for advertisers buying media through AdFreeway.  In our display network votes are applied to deliver ads to registered and anonymous users who visited similar web sites, where we advertised. This allows AdFreeway to serve more relevant display ads and drive better value to advertisers. From those who vote and earn vote-rewards, we build brand loyalty, drive trial, traffic, in store and online conversions and awareness.  Each time someone clicks on an ad delivered in AdFreeway