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Aligning Agency, Advertiser and Audience

It's time to discuss the elephant in the room, to quantify the value of a users' data to publishers, advertisers and to level the playing field. AdFreeway has made a start, a path toward a user driven value-exchange for data and participation that genuinely improves advertising campaign performances and underwrites the economics of audience rewards.  Advertisers are the eight hundred pound gorilla who want a friendly elephant, but publishers have often played host to tensions. The present rumblings between free-content, data-privacy and hosted-services, like social media and instant messaging are seismic. Data-privacy is in the sights of regulators trying to balance content that is provided free with host-publishers who exploit the market of advertisers looking for audiences. The free-content tradeoff for data-privacy is not as good as it once was. Choices abound and hosted-services should no longer exploit their massive private-data libraries without paying their users who com