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Display Benefits Organic Search!

  Google search is effective, no doubt, but big brands paying their way to the top of search result pages may be boxing shadows. If a brand does not pay Google for top of search, its page rankings may be penalized to drive search results for it or its products further down the page. The algorithm that manages search result ranking is not publicly available, so there is no transparency, but paid search may mitigate Google’s demotion of brand’s page-ranked result. A media-buyer may be lulled to think paid-promotion could resolve an inconvenience imparted by Google to the brand’s customers. However, the brand must also hold Google search to account and weigh it up against the awareness benefits display advertising provides. These include frequently displaying its images, logo and message to existing and potentially new customers. Google search may speak to the initiated, but it does not inspire new recruits to the brand's message. Without widely disseminating the campaign message thro

Ads In The Wild!

At AdFreeway your location on the internet can be very important. Ad votes and rewards earned at, pay out a lower value than on ad votes on ads delivered to you in the wild. There can be a big difference! The wild means web sites and applications other than  What's the difference? The face value on rewards you earn. For example the face value of vote and sign-up rewards earned from ads displayed at wild locations, other than can be worth as much as 2X or more the values for the same actions at . Your invitation to vote and earn Why is this? Its simple, AdFreeway is an environment for serving ads using programmatic advertising exchanges. There is less benefit to AdFreeway and its advertisers if you do most of your voting or clicking on However, if you encounter an ad with an invitation to vote (like the image above) and that ad is delivered to you on a web site or application in the wild, be sure to take up the o