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Why Advertise through AdFreeway on the Open Web?

We're excited to announce AdFreeway's Advertising Hub  ( ). It's for direct advertisers, to obtain the same marketing advantage of agencies and bigger clients using AdFreeway's media buying platform.  Going beyond traditional targeting categories like, age, gender etc. our Open Web platform takes a giant-leap forward by generating additional pre-targeted ID's for your categorized audience. These additions emanate from a real-time, continuous stream of insightful, creative-specific, vote preferences that are acquired from SocialAF members.  This advanced precision allows us to accurately target and engage potential customers, increasing the effectiveness of your ad impressions. Each performance enhancement, to each ad impression, is reported to advertisers, the SocialAF members whose data directly contributed and AdFreeway rewards are issued accordingly.  AdFreeway campaigns are delivered across the Open Web on 200,000+ different web si