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How do I earn from other peoples clicks?

It pays to vote and register at AdFreeway. Why is that? Because your registration allows you to keep earning from future ad campaigns whether you vote in those campaigns or not. We have already shown our registered users that, even after one year their connections in our AdGraph remain as relevant to current advertising campaigns and therefore their potential to earn continues. Initially we connect your temporary advertiser ID to other ID's based on associated URL's collected during our frequent attempts to buy and deliver you advertising impressions. Once you vote and register your URL's become permanent and can provide ongoing, important links in our AdGraph. These links may connect a vote preference to ID's to enhance the delivery of advertiser messages. In the image above like or dislike votes for the blue, brown or green ads can preferentially inform which ad to serve to which ID's, based on their URL overlaps with other ID's that are more likely to agree a