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Lost Your Audience? AdFreeway Will Find It.

Life for the cookie has reached the end making identification data increasingly ephemeral. Adjustments and technical challenges for users of cookie technology are significant. This will result in increased dependency on incumbents and the collective efforts of exchanges like The Trade Desk's Unified ID's.  Anticipating the shift  AdFreeway invested to research, develop, test and launch  an important component for every media buy that re-discovers lost audiences and extends reach without intensive intervention. Media buyers know how complicated it is to follow audiences and improve performance of each campaign creative by manually adjusting to optimize media spend. AdFreeway automated the entire process. The results have been exceptional. A|B|C creatives for 4 campaigns - orange arrows demonstrate third party audience extension for each creative. In the chart above, orange lines highlight third party incremental reach and purple bars vCTR performance of third party vs. first par