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Socially Responsible Advertising

  The social movement away from Web 2.0 is a paradigm shift. Its taking place around a unique token that is issued to record and report a database-transaction. The issued token should be directed to benefit a user whose data was involved in steps that led to a commercial event or goal. If the token, issued to the user, can be exchanged for some financial benefit it is Web3 compliant.   Web3 principles will move a share of revenue to users, acknoweldge their contribution and quickly penetrate blockchains for cryptocurrencies, NFT's and reward platforms. This video explainer covers all these points, the most important being that users get paid. AdFreeway is leading the way toward socially responsible advertising that gives all participants a financial stake in transactional outcomes. Agencies and brands should be encouraged to adopt these practices, it'll be better for business and improve relationships with users, afterall they are the market.  @jessicaelawson Reply to @sythe