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Earnings Speed Limits

The Earnings Speed Limit is first displayed on a users newly registered 'My Account' page. This indicates the percentage of the available reward values the account is presently eligible to earn. This limit applies to all the different types of AdFreeway rewards (i.e. vote, performance, and referral). The three current Earnings Speeds Limits are: Slow Lane = 25% of reward value Middle Lane = 50% of reward value Fast Lane = 100% of reward value Account Earnings Speed Limits are dynamic because the identifiers of AdFreeway members, or anonymous users before registration are constantly changing lanes. Members can have a direct influence on which lane they drive in. Certain behaviors will allow earnings to speed up, and others will slow earnings down. Why are there Earnings Speed Limits? AdFreeway must be able to serve ads to our entitled reward earners to align them and their voting preferences with advertisers audiences at tens of thousands of web sites or applications. If we ca