Aligning Agency, Advertiser and Audience

It's time to discuss the elephant in the room, to quantify the value of a users' data to publishers, advertisers and to level the playing field. AdFreeway has made a start, a path toward a user driven value-exchange for data and participation that genuinely improves advertising campaign performances and underwrites the economics of audience rewards. 

Advertisers are the eight hundred pound gorilla who want a friendly elephant, but publishers have often played host to tensions. The present rumblings between free-content, data-privacy and hosted-services, like social media and instant messaging are seismic. Data-privacy is in the sights of regulators trying to balance content that is provided free with host-publishers who exploit the market of advertisers looking for audiences.

The free-content tradeoff for data-privacy is not as good as it once was. Choices abound and hosted-services should no longer exploit their massive private-data libraries without paying their users who comprise their content providers and advertiser audiences. Complacency over data-privacy has long lulled audiences into believing the publisher-advertiser exchange is an efficient market. Well its not! It's a matter of time before value-exchanges like AdFreeway expose these inefficiencies by inviting direct participation to message mediate and engage audiences in ways advertisers and publishers never imagined. 

We have proven that audience instincts applied to mediate messages, by direct voting in advertising campaigns can yield significant performance gains. By changing the role of audience from  target to participant efficiencies can be re-introduced to produce a rewarding win-win ecosystem for everyone. 

Anonymous message mediation exposes unaware influencers when their reward frequency increases. The most excited influencers energize new social networks to compete for ‘skin-in-the game’. Aligning the interests of agencies, advertisers and audiences is our mission and we're busy doing that in countries around the world.


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