Display Benefits Organic Search!


Google search is effective, no doubt, but big brands paying their way to the top of search result pages may be boxing shadows. If a brand does not pay Google for top of search, its page rankings may be penalized to drive search results for it or its products further down the page.

The algorithm that manages search result ranking is not publicly available, so there is no transparency, but paid search may mitigate Google’s demotion of brand’s page-ranked result. A media-buyer may be lulled to think paid-promotion could resolve an inconvenience imparted by Google to the brand’s customers. However, the brand must also hold Google search to account and weigh it up against the awareness benefits display advertising provides. These include frequently displaying its images, logo and message to existing and potentially new customers.

Google search may speak to the initiated, but it does not inspire new recruits to the brand's message. Without widely disseminating the campaign message through repetitive impressions, top of search may not be all that Google would have advertisers believe. Recalling a brand, product or its campaign message can be aided by Google search, but the inspiration to search must first be born.

AdFreeway’s enhanced display advertising enables a user's preferential campaign messages to be amplified to incrementally reach a broader audience with adjusted impression frequencies. This personalizes display, reduces annoyance, makes a campaign more appealing and effective as such its weighting in the campaign’s media-mixl should be increased.

AdFreeway is not advocating against buying top of search, but media-buyers should be wary of their Google induced slumber by mixing in more organic search aided by Social and AdFreeway display.


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