Help yourself be seen on Ad Networks

How to allow cross site/app tracking

AdFreeway must be able to serve ads to our registered users and advertiser audiences. If we can’t do that then we can’t improve campaign performances which finance the rewards that benefit our members.

Some of your phones and browsers might have settings configured to prevent the receipt of these ads which is impacting your visibility on Ad Networks and therefore, impacting your ability to earn and redeem.

To become more visible on the Ad Network follow the steps below:

Enable Cross-Site Tracking on your phone

    iPhone Users
    1. Go to Settings on your iOS device
    2. Find Safari in your Settings menu
    3. Scroll down to Privacy & Security section, and ensure the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking slider is off

Android phone Users:
  1. Open Chrome application on your Android phone
  2. Tap on More right by the address bar, and go to Setting
  3. Go to the Privacy and Security tab
  4. Tap the Do Not Track option, and ensure the setting is off

Enable Cross-Site Tracking on your computer

Safari Users
  1. Open Safari browser on your Mac computer
  2. In the Safari dropdown menu, go to Preferences
  3. Choose Privacy option
  4. Ensure Prevent cross-site tracking is not checked

Chrome Users
  1. Open Google Chrome app
  2. Similarly to mobile Chrome, open the menu tab on the right side
  3. Go to Settings
  4. In Privacy and Security, click on Cookies and other site data
  5. Switch off the slider by the Send a "Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic

Mozilla Firefox Users

  1. Open Firefox and go to the Menu in the right corner
  2. Tap on Options
  3. Open the Privacy & Security tab
  4. Choose Enhanced Tracking Protection and tap on the Custom tab
  5. Tap on the Cookies checkbox
  6. You should choose All third-party cookies from the list on the right side


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