AdFreeway - Rewarding for audiences and advertisers.

We set out to socialize display media. To do so we spent two years testing an opinion and reward ad-graph to see if it would improve response. We build an algorithm to value and reward all opinions, but also to decide which opinions should prevail and earn more.

Our ads continuously invite and reward audiences for instincts by voting on A, B or C ad-campaign creatives that inform ad-delivery and improve campaign performance. Like or dislike votes are associated with similar audiences in our databases and applied competitively to serve A and/or B and/or C ads to other users. Voters collect an instant, unconditional reward and additional performance rewards.

An A, B or C ad served to similar audiences always entitles an originating voter to an additional performance reward when an ad recipient clicks the ad. If the voters’ vote is uniquely associated with the audience the voter receives the full reward value or it is shared by other voters with identical votes who are also in the identical audience group.

Limited time nature of ad campaigns, short-lived audience identifications and groupings motivates voters to participate early, often and competitive instincts balance reward distribution. Instincts dynamically corelate A,B or C ads with audiences to determine rewards, improve sentiment and campaign performance.

A vote is not a click and provides advertisers a new dimension of data that is highly informative. Its one thing to test A,B,C creatives and decide which to run with during a campaign, its much more effective to inject a variety of campaign messages that are dynamic to a stream of grouped audience opinions.

Rewards are funded by improved media performance driven by audiences who vote and participate, by advertisers who contribute the actual CPM improvement and AdFreeway who manage and underwrite the CPM improvement risk.


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