Advertising Rewards By Listening to Audience Sensitivity

Why would AdFreeway pay $3 per vote on an advertisers campaign creatives? We do so because a balanced advertising ecosystem is more productive for brands and audiences. 

AdFreeway's Audience AdGraph is better explained using data from the present education campaign in South Africa where we are pre-emptively educating defined audiences ahead of a display media campaign for WPP agency Yonder Media client. 

Part 1 of campaign with 'Vote Now' invitation

Part 2 with no 'Vote Now' invitation

The primary campaign objective is 'Vote' - 'Like' or 'Dislike' earns the same reward, secondary is 'Click' which redirects to Voters are rewarded R30 for the first vote and R15-R30 each subsequent vote and can redeem immediately. A|B|C creatives start out with equal campaign budgets but, rate of spend adjusts competitively based on impression URL's to audiences and votes.

The display campaign running via The Trade Desk builds 'VOTE' awareness. Most (70%+) of the thousands of voter sign-up and redeem users have been generated via social and word of mouth.

Pay attention to ‘Like Voter - Cohort Leaders’ in the data table. The column reports total Like Voters (nodes) connected to the 'Retargetable ID's(Cohort)' via relationships, each of at least 3 common URL’s (edge connection). 

AdFreeway's AdGraph nodes and edges

Education - Retargetable ID's 


Like Votes

Like Voter      Cohort Leaders

Dislike Votes

Retargetable    ID's(Cohort)

Education A with Emoto





Education B with Emoto





Education C with Emoto





Notice the non-proportional distribution between columns. Retargetable ID's (Cohort) are dynamically updated throughout the campaign based on voter input and URL learning. Dislike votes compete with Like votes removing or adding ID's for each Creative. Resulting in the dynamic pre-target list for impressions of the relevant A|B|C creative to be served to specific audience ID's. 

Of the 9687 total 'Like Votes' more than10% have signed up and redeemed a reward. It's the first step in our South Africa launch to make advertising rewarding for everyone.

For the AdFreeway's registered voters it's simple, and rewards flow continuously.

For the advertiser, Part 1 focusses on vote gathering and data collection. Part 2 includes pre-targeting by listening closely to connected voters and informs how A|B|C messages should be delivered as a new dimension to advertisers defined campaign targeting and objectives. 

AdFreeway insights are a new dimension to understanding audience relationship and action to message.

Voter rewards are paid by AdFreeway, our contribution to your campaign at no additional media cost.


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