Breaking in the rules - Uniqueness

AdFreeway will always value members who are unique individuals. However, we will also go to great lengths to filter and remove any applicants or members that are found not to be unique or are associated with fraudulent IP or email addresses. The reason for this is simple. We rely on a network of registered users whose opinions on ads can have meaningful impact to AdFreeway ads delivered via ad exchanges.

In addition to the opportunities to vote and earn, registered members will also be eligible to receive bonuses from click-rewards. We intend that  these additional click-rewards will eventually become the more significant earnings component. They are sponsored by AdFreeway and its advertisers for the benefit of registered members who have played a direct or indirect role delivering ads to active audiences via AdFreeway's AdGraph algorithms. 

Look out for your first click-reward, we will notify you by email when that takes place. Please be patient, as more advertisers adopt AdFreeway you are sure to be handsomely rewarded. In the interim keep a lookout opportunities to vote on AdFreeway ads. Thanks for participating.



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