Reaching Further with Reward

Rewards are up, traffic is up, ads are up and the great news is that votes are helping advertisers to reach further into their audience and improve their campaign media performances. Our eco-system is increasingly understood, especially by voters who are already receiving a steady stream of redeemable reward shares from the data AdFreeway is using to improve campaigns. 

Ad agencies can now upload creatives to directly plan and auto-manage media buying through AdFreeway's portal. Reporting votes and their effect on growing an audience is a new data metric for clients and agencies visible in the portal. The visual comparison of media buys targeting AdFreeway cohort vs. general public and first-party audiences provides new and powerful insights that are useful and valuable to ad-agency clients.

AdFreeway is a real-time, creative multivariate that continuously shapes audiences to receive the most appropriate campaign creative. Votes are applied, in real time to score each campaign creative and the characterizations of each voter aligns to those in the advertisers audience. So, the right ad creative is served to the right people. This basically means ads, each of our voters don't like get served less often to those who align in the audience, that's a win-win for everyone. 

Reward shares are about to get a big boost and the reward pool will benefit VIP Voters even more than ever - stay tuned! We're operating in US, South Africa, we hope to enlist new agencies and expand into other countries soon.  


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