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Over the past few weeks we've been excited to work with the first approved users. Every day they enthusiastically uploaded content, voted regularly and increased their individual earnings. We learned some important things from this first group and applied our learning. We have now opened it to all registered users. 

AdFreeway Social is supported by advertisers and agencies whose ad campaigns benefit from the important data our Social users generate. With increased advertiser support comes our ability to payout more rewards.

There are several ways AdFreeway users earn including; voting, uploading, votes received on uploaded content and performance-rewards from data applied to ads. There are a few key rules for AdFreeway Social worth noting;

1. Vote once earn once. Earnings per vote rises of falls based on a users uploads to votes ratio. To maximize earnings a user must keep uploading.

2. Upload once, earn many times. Rewards for votes received on each upload can vary considerably. Distribution of an upload depends on the number of likes as well as the ratio between likes and dislikes. More popular content gets seen more often in the Social feed and that results in greater earnings from votes on uploads.

We are looking for the best balance of earnings for participating users who upload and vote on a regular basis. These are the backbone of AdFreeway Social users, they will obtain the greater share of available rewards.

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