Advertising - The Gift That Keeps Giving

Adfreeway has simplified cookiless user clustering and reduced overly invasive practises to collect large amounts of data at great expense to user privacy. This reflects the double edged benefit of AdFreeway's effective approach, which is best summed up by the comment Carlos Alija at MullenLowe US made after  the recent Australian Open Tennis mens championship final. 

The quest for data to predict your every next move and the competition to get it right, just in time is overwhelming, yet the output continues to fail us. Alternatively the speed at which a willing participant can inform content (advertising) distribution is faster and more accurate. This is why AdFreeway innovated its user-driven platform to address advertisings first problem, finding the advertisers audience and growing it. 

AdFreeway's platform delivers on two essential requirements, user opinions that produce advertising identifiers at a speed beyond predictive computations. When we first discovered this, we wondered how this efficiency may impart an economic benefit from advertisers to users and AdFreeway was born. 

Rewarding users and applying their data to discover audience identifiers, then adding reward for camppaign performances similar to an advertisers first-party identifiers validates the users value to the advertising ecosystem. This is a big win for "humanness" that signals a sea-change where advertising can finally become the gift that keeps giving. 


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