Promote or Demote Uploads - Your Vote Counts!

You and your vote are the backbone of AdFreeway Social. You may not see all of the uploaded content,  because your votes shape what others see!

With no user names, comments, groups or friends, what kind of a social network is AdFreeway? 

In truth, its complex and most times we struggle to describe our algorithms. Put simply your votes may make you their leader, their votes may make you their follower and it all depends on the dynamic status of domain collections. In addition to our social feed, we advertise to you at domains you visit. By doing that we build you a  domain collection. That collection anonymously connects you with other temporary or permanent domain collections of other users. 

So what does all that mean?

One way to think of this; Like votes promote an upload, Dislike votes demote it

The behavior of uploaded content depends on your votes, its earnings will increase or decrease according to the overall network affect of each of your votes. The impact of your vote also depends on the generic or specific nature of domain your connections with other users. More generic connections cause uploads to compete for votes with more uploads. 

AdFreeway is a self censorship Social Network, mostly uploads will be approved unless they are poor quality, duplicates, contain gross violence or sexual references other than that, you're free to decide, what lives and what dies.




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