Collective Action - A User's Right to Get Paid!

Users have been coerced to give up their private data rights in exchange for platform services like search engines, social networks and web sites. Being coerced may not seem too perverse, but the collective value of each users data is now the basis for several trillion dollars in corporate and shareholder valuations, with no financial benefit accruing to owners of that data. 

Historically household data was aggregated by services like Nielsen. Contracts were entered with families who were paid to provide psycho-demographic information and media viewing habits over weeks, months and years. From the 1950's that data was purchased and analyzed to shape the massive industry that television became, but web-site terms and conditions changed the payment model for use of an individuals private data.  

So, why should users continue to be singled out and exploited when platform services are being commoditized and the value of private data, in exchange for these services is no longer as enticing as it once was? Isn't it time collectives of individual users demand payment for use of their aggregated private data and act to obtain it? 

AdFreeway was born to address this massive, looming ethical issue that has been dormant for almost 20 years. Publishers, advertisers and their agencies are facing a serious conundrum because, like most they accepted and followed the status-quo instead of fighting for the individual and collective data rights of their audiences. 

AdFreeway advocates for change with a pay-model that intelligently assigns a for-payment-value to the collective of individual data used to serve an ad impression. Further, the performance of the ad impression adjusts the valuation assigned to individuals in the collective especially those whose data was most responsible for the impression performance. 

More than 250,000 AdFreeway reward instances have now been issued to users, each redeemable for cash and various ecards offered. As more ad campaigns are booked by AdFreeway for agencies and their clients more reward instances will be paid to users. AdFreeway benefits the collective in ways that engage audiences, align brands, improves the equation for publishers and makes advertising on the internet a more equitable solution for everyone. 

Its time for collective action, beginning with this example - 





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